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Mr. Prannay G Sharma

( Managing Director,Connaissance Academy )

Professor Prannay G Sharma, is a well known and a very respected name in the Education Industry. Having completed his Graduation and having persued MBA in Marketing and HR, Prof. Prannay G Sharma has always been inclined towards education and teaching. His rich experience as a teacher and a professional educationalist can be witnessed through his rich legacy and contribution to education.

He started his career as the Founder & Director of the Scholar's Institute and developed 3 branches educating more than 500 students over a period of 6 years.

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For every student approaching close to 10th standard board examinations, the parents look to enroll them in a class.

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Connaissance Academy prepares its students for entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET and AIIMS. With experienced faculty.

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Connaissance Academy prepares its students for entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET and AIIMS. With experienced faculty.

Rationale Behind Classification
Words Of Wisdom

Science is the most comprehensive subject when it comes to learning.It is a form of complete education in itself.

The list of subjects which are present in Science is a phenomenal characteristic of the subject in itself. There is Logic behind Concepts, Mathematics to describe Physics, Nomenclature in Biology, Quantitative Analysis in Chemistry and above everything else,the beauty of language to help the lucid understanding of each and every characteristic present in the subject

Amongst all these features in this subject, the one which stands out, is the study of Classification.

Classification - The art to determine the difference between two entities.The similarities and differences between two subjects. It is an art to determine on which side of the two lies your balance. It helps in education, understanding and improvises your skill of selection.

Now why so much emphasis is being laid on Classification? The reason is simple. Clarity.

Classification provides distinctions and these distinctions provide clarity in decision making.

When as a student, you study a particular subject, the fundamental flaw in the pattern of education is the goal with which the subject is being studied. The approach to education is to pass the examination rather than attaining knowledge.

It is an unfortunate scenario where education contributes in your skills to remember the concepts rather than applying them, but the ability to inculcate the discipline of education comes in the way by which examinations are conducted.This is the victory of a teacher.

In a contest which cannot be won without a revolution, a teacher still manages to strengthen the minds of their students through whatever little resource they have. In this case, through examination.

Who would've thought that a question of Classification would help in decision making? A syllabus question to a life skill - perhaps a teacher only could've thought of this.

Rachit C Trivedi
connaissance Academy.


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